About Maison Jardin

The knowledge of what to choose and where to find it, when to spend and where to budget is just one facet of the individual and exclusive range of Interior Design services we offer.

We devise individual and personalised design concepts to improve our client’s plans and inspire their renovation ideas.

Why choose us


When we begin the design process on any project we adhere to some basic but essential rules. Our most successful results and our most satisfied clients have benefitted from working with us in this way.

No builder or developer would begin construction without an agreed set of plans. To that end we endeavour to formulate a strong design foundation from which we can all work together as a team.

Starting first with a design development checklist we begin to create a three dimensional canvas.

Beautiful design starts with well-planned space, enhanced with perfect lighting and brought to life with texture and colour.


poolside bar

Our design goal is to devise living spaces with harmony and balance – those crucial elements that together work to form a soothing, pleasurable environment.

Our expertise excels in providing clients with innovative finishes and creative ideas – after just one session clients see an immediate benefit.

Creative Ideas

Our wonderful and creative suppliers provide us with an ongoing selection of fabulous products and finishes to select for our clients.  From the exterior of the building to the interiors of the smallest room, we have what it takes at our fingertips.

We deal with exclusive importers where we can select from their wholesale ranges geared exclusively to designers and their clients.  Superb service, excellent warranties and unique furniture pieces, art, fabrics, accessories, custom rugs and more.